Shotcrete Penetrometer Mecmesin

xuyen do ke be tong phun Shotcrete

Shotcrete Penetrometer mecmesin

thẩm kế bê tông phun

Shotcrete Penetrometer
Shotcrete do do nen be tong moi phun

TRANG CHỦ Sản phẩm Mecmesin Thiết bị thử lực kéo lực nén Shotcrete Penetrometer Xuyên độ kế bê-tông phun

The Shotcrete Penetrometer is a complete portable system for testing the compressive strength of the initial curing stage of young sprayed concrete to BS EN 14488-2 (Method A).


It provides accurate readings of the forces required to penetrate sprayed (shotcrete) or poured concrete. These resistive force readings are then used to convert to a compressive strength value. This accuracy—beyond the requirements of the standard—and portability make it ideal for on-site testing.


Thông số kỹ thuật

Đơn vị đo:  N, lbf or kgf

1000 N loadcell 

Độ chính xác +/- 1 N  vượt xa tiêu chuẩn EN 1488-2

Lưu đến 500 lần đọc trong bộ nhớ

RS232 xuất sang máy in hay PC 





Cung cấp trọn bộ như sau

The portable Shotcrete Penetrometer kit comes complete with all of the accessories needed to measure readings and calculate strength values at the construction site.  This enables quick turnaround of results at this time-sensitive phase of strength development and helps determine whether it is safe to re-enter tunnels and resume blasting near the shotcreting site.

  • Robust wipe-clean carry case
  • Shotcrete Penetrometer with dual handle (fitted)
  • Penetrometer needle adapter
  • 15 × Penetration needles (15 mm length, 3 mm dia, 60º angle)
  • 5 × Rechargeable NIMH Batteries
  • Mains adaptor/charger
  • Operating manual
  • User guide
  • Calibration certificate